Tahoe Tiny Houses and Trailers offers many services to create the perfect Airstream trailer for your ideal purpose. 

Please read from our list of services and discover all the possibilities a renovated Airstream trailer offers.  If you don't see it ask...... ALL SERVICES are custom, the possibilities are endless "if you can think it, we can build it".


What's it cost to have one of these cool hip trailers?  Well, all projects vary from the scope of the project requirements.  Depending on what your idea, business, hobby or leisure is and what you want. 


We have a team of professionals that are able to help balance out your needs, budget and overall project requirements to meet all of your expectations. So, the price is ultimately based on your unique project and ALL projects are unique. 



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A mobile business means being versatile, allowing you to expand your surroundings in a savvy hip way.  Airstream trailers are a MUST when going mobile.


With our experienced staff and designers we are able to help you through retrofitting and customizing any airstream trailer for commercial use.


 We are aware of the various needs above and beyond a residential type trailer when it comes to equipment and special use needs in many business applications and are accustomed to building our commercial vehicles in compliance with standard codes and regulations.


The exterior of a vintage Airsteam is what anyone first lays their eyes on when admiring these unique beauties.


Why not take that dull, faded look and get fresh mirror polish. Not only does it increase the beauty of your vintage Airstream trailer but also the value.


Airstream trailers have a reputation to be as unique as the people who own them. Owning a polished vintage Airstream trailer is even more rare and considered to be the most valuable vintage trailers on the road today.

Picking out the right Airstream size for you


The most important part of your airstream project is making sure you have the right size trailer to support your unique vision... 


Tahoe Tiny Houses and Trailers has an inventory of trailers ranging in different sizes to accomodate your project and needs.




The renovation depends soley on the needs of your project and what you want.


We can do as little or as much as you want with your airstream renovation.


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Here are some examples what we can do


  • Custom construction interior per your unique requirements

  • Demo 100% of interior

  • Refinish and repaint interior shell

  • Design a floor plan utilizing most of the existing interior

  • Cabinetry - New or modify

  • Plumbing/electrical/propane

  • Basic kitchen package (sink, faucetry and plumbing)

  • Counter tops

  • Flooring

  • Audio/video package with advanced technology

  • Skylights

  • Rock-shields

  • Polishing and dent removal/ panel replacement

  • Fold-up gull wing doors and modification of exterior shell of Airstream

  • Windows - New or modify

  • Glass tiled bathroom

  • Assumes that most, if not all, of the rough systems (plumbing, electrical and propane) will be replaced

  • All new refrigerator, sinks, faucetry, stove, microwave, TV, toilet, shower/tub, water heater

  • Premium kitchen package (sink, faucetry and plumbing)

  • New solid surface counter tops

  • Extensive solar system integration along with premium power inverter package for 110 (or 240) power on the go.

  • Extensive running gear work and systems modification.  (Some clients replace axles and increase ground clearance for all road applications)


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